Business Mission

Please take a minute to look at our view of the world and how we believe ContratEch contributes to the society:

Mission statement:

"To drive import & export, advise, mediate, develop, support development, build or help build equipment and/or ideas on a global scale, with the goal of realising a positive influence on the environment, health and the productivity of the customer or user, and stimulate efficiency and the saving of materials"


ContratEch Cleaning Solutions has self-imposed to only collaborate with manufacturers of products or inventors that meet the conception of our mission statement and are reliable, flexible, honorable and guarantee continuïty.We from ContratEch believe that continued growth and innovation can only subsist through sattisfied users based on mutual respect and attention to the enviroment! 


1. The import & export of technically advanced equipment that contributes to the improvement of productivity, efficiency and also relieve the enviroment" 

2. “Giving advise and realising solutions for commercial and technical problems"