The power of ContratEch comes in view when selecting the right solution for your cleaning processes. We guarantee to clean every tank, vessel, reactor, mixer or process plant regardless of the type, size or application.

We carefull select items out of al the different brands to offer you the best quality, useful for your specific situation, so we can proudly associate our name with it.


Tank cleaning machines

Rotating sprayheads

Fixed sprayballs

The first and only CIP machine that delivers a perfect reproducible and verifiable cleaning result. With R.CIP normal cleaning problems like dirt behind baffles and dryed in edges are a thing of the past. 

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TCM's clean through the laying of a pattern on tank walls with horizontal and vertical jets. Tank Cleaning Machines are needed for difficult cleaning situations.

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Rotary sprayheads are superior to the fixed sprayballs. They work with moving flat impact on the walls and need less cleaning time and less cleaning liquid than the conventional fixed sprayballs. 

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Laser-cut fixed spray balls can be produced of stainless steel, PTFE or Hastelloy material at your service, with clip-on or thread connection.

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