Coal dredging wear plates cleaning

The new coal dredging cleaning system

We were approached to come up with a solution for a "special" problem.

The problem
In a large coal dredging machine there was a case of a tube which has so-called 'wear plates' attached. Because the product (soil, sand and small coal pieces) rub against these plates with a speed of 7.5 m/s, the product attaches itself to these plates and creates tremendous wear! Over time, the plates must be replaced, but keeping control of this is diffucult, because one must be able to establish whether this is necessary at all at first. For this people, go into the machine with the danger of being crushed by falling debris. Not only going into the achine creates problems, but also at transfer points.

The Solution
We were able to devise a system that semi - automatically cleans these places, so that the staff can enter this envirorement without being in danger. We work with a pressure of 25 bar and use "dirty" water to rinse.

In the picture one of our invented plants can be seen. There are more problem spots, and also more solutions, while we created portable machines.