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The formation of scale caused by hard water in pipework and equipment is costly and seriously reduces operating efficiencies. Scaling and its removal manually or by chemicals can cause damage to equipment.

Generally the application of chemicals has been the traditional method of handling these problems - however increasing environmental pressures and restrictions are causing responsible industries and plant operators to look for alternative methods. This method is tested and approved by Jordan University, UKAEE and members of the UKWTA.

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Colloid-A-Tron provides the ideal solution to the problems associated with hard water scaling;

-it is totally safe to the environment
-constant supply of treated water
-requires no shutdowns for maintenance
-uses no energy or electricity
-Guaranteed for 10 years
-Colloid-A-Tron is the world leader in non-chemical water treatment systems.



Colloid-A-Tron can be used to treat;

Humidifiers (Air washers)
Air Conditioning
Air Washer/scrubber/humidifier Coolers
Cooling rods Felt washing
Film and x-ray processing Furnaces
General Cooling system
Hot Water
Boiler, low pressure Calorifiers
Ice Making Machines
Machines, general Bearings, glands and seals Compressors
Friction brakes
Grinders and mixers
Injection moulding machines Stationary engines
Vacuum pumps Valves
Welding Plants
Wire drawings
Processing, general
Chemical reaction vessels Condensers
Heat exchanger, plate
Heat exchanger, shell and tube Jacketed vessels
Refrigeration general Condensors, B.A.C type, compressors, sterilisers, temperature probes
Washers general, bottles washers, cask washers, dish washers
Fruit Processing, bottling/soft drinks, dairy, cold stores, canning preservatives
Cereals/bakeries/vegetable processing Meat and Fish
Processing Wines/Brewing/Alcohol
Sweets/Chocolate etc
Hotels/Restaurants/Supermarkets/Offices etc
Irrigation systems
And many more...





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