History of ContratEch Cleaning Solutions B.V.

It was the invention of the controlled tank cleaning robot at the Technical University of Delft that led to the founding of ContratEch in 1996. The inventor, ir. D.G.F. Verbeek, started  looking for a more economical way to clean tanks in 1988 as assigned by the VROM (Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment). Subsequently NOVEM (the Netherlands Agency for Energy and Environment) participated in the testing machine (while mr. Wijnveldt was already strongly involved because of his work in this sector) which operated very successful on an inland chemical tanker of a company called VOPAK (photo 20) for more than 17 months, saving up to 70% of cleaning liquid!

The founder of today’s ContratEch Cleaning Solutions B.V. (CCS), mr. John M. Wijnveldt, understood that this invention would be absolutely revolutionary in the field of automatic tank cleaning (CIP). He still compares it to the invention of the light bulb by Thomas Edison.

Both gentleman started a new company, called Tank Cleaning Engineering (TCE) to provide knowledge and patents to the market. However, to everyone’s surprise, reputable companies had absolutely no interest to give up their cash cows consisting of ‘lawn sprinklers’ and invest in this ‘green’ invention. They even paid a form of optional kind of hush money!

Since 1996 there has been an intensive search for participants, shareholders and transboundary subsidies to market this green invention. After several lawsuits, unreliable employees, the loss of one million euros of private money  and even a divorce, the conclusion was clear: we need to do this alone. ContratEch detached itself from restrictive commitments and beautiful promises and from that moment on things got better: a new name (which covers 70% of our activities), a new approach, a new centralized company, new employees, a renewed business mission, a new website, and last but not least:

The original invention, the CyberjEt, has been redeveloped from scratch, both mechanically and electronically. This new design, called the AlfajEt  is the result of 25 years of experience. The A-jEt®  (electronic adjustable ,fixed-ratio tank cleaning robot) concept is based on a number of stepped (or servo) motors steered by an intelligent software device to take account of elements as shape of tank, dirt and filling level. At the same time it’s also capable of intensive cleaning of objects – spot washing – and even allows product recovery with nitrogen. This is a great success in the pharmaceutical industry and ensures a payback time of sometimes only 8 weeks (photo 4)!  Also the option of  having access to genuine electronic validation instead of only (photo 10) standard Riboflavin testing this opened many doors specially in biotechnology industries.

These robots have been developed in collaboration with ir. W.N.A. Burggraaf, in compliance with EHEDG requirements and meet the most stringent standards of hygienic design. It wouldn’t have been designed so quickly without the intensive aid of ing. W. van Hoek (hard and software) and W. Plak (design). The robot daily proves his job at reputable companies and is spreading to even more companies in food, pharma and beverage markets. By providing free in-house training programs (IQ Approach) ContratEch is letting companies know that it cleaning doesn’t stop with Cleaning In Place (CIP), it actually starts with Robotized CIP! 

Within ContratEch there are three main activities:

  • The manufacturing of the R.C.I.P. cleaning robot AlfajE
  • Import, Export and Repairs of process equipment, including our own IQ Cleaner®
  • Consultancy in the field of pumps and cleaning

By the use of several framework agreements we can stay flexible, unbiased and competitive when it comes to consultancy, repairs and turn-key installations.

What can R.CIP do for you?

The AlfajEt® is a 100% validated tank washing robot which saves 80 to 85% in both liquid and time and has a very high ROI, especially for new to build plants and hard to clean tanks and equipment.

Worldwide ten thousands of tanks with varying dimensions and purposes are cleaned daily with conventional equipment. That cleaning, often C.I.P (Cleaning  In Place), is nowadays synonymous with using large amounts of water, chemicals and long circulation steps. This gives large amounts of waste water and energy consumption as well as large CIP storage tank.

Today the AlfajEt® offers the possibility to use even more expensive products like foam, gel and enzymes and can been used for OPC (Open Plant Cleaning)!

Apart from the AjEt® we carry a line of famous other products in our trading activities, like MDM, Perissinotto, Fluid Dynamics, Toftejorg, Breconcherry, Hake, Kohiko, Grosvenor, Moog, Aquaduna, MC, Spraying Sytems, Lechler, Scanjet, and many many others. We carefull select items out of al those different brand to offer you the best quality, useful for your specific situation, so we can proudly associate our name with it.

What can we do for you?

ContratEch Cleaning Solutions can provide your company a so called full hygienic scan, which is a  careful check of your tanks and/or machine park. We are providing in-house training programmes in the field of industrial tank cleaning. We can provide testing equipment, even the MDM and Perissinotto pumps and we engineer the best pump solution. By thinking out of the box, ContratEch guarantees perfect cleaning! If it doesn’t exist, we make sure that it’s going to be engineered!

So....let’s talk about solutions! Don’t hesitate to call us, we are ready for your challenges!