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Quality starts with incoming material inspection!

In-line systems:

- PowControl
This system allows for representative samples of powders to be taken directly from the process in continuous or sequential mode, on a gravity line or on the wall of a silo or a reactor.

- FlowControl
Easy installable, hygienic and maintenance optimized power sampling for use in pressurized pipes (max pressure 3,5 bar)

- VolumControl
Pneumatic sample system for volumetric sampling on a gravity line, wall of silo or reactor.

Material control:

- PowerProof
Easy to clean, easy to handle and useful for the sampling of materials in big bags, paper sacks and bulk tanks. Tube length 300mm up to 1500mm.

- PickProof
Easy to use manual sampling for quantities up to 50cc without the risk of contamination



•    Pharmaceutical
•    Biotech
•    Dairy & Food
•    Brewery / Beverage





Datasheet Datasheet PowControl
Datasheet Datasheet FlowControl
Datasheet Datasheet VolumControl
Datasheet Datasheet PowerProof
Datasheet Datasheet PickProof