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The AlfajEt® system is a 100% validated tank cleaning robot which saves 80 to 85% in both liquid and time, and has a very high ROI, especially for newbuild plants and where it is hard to clean tanks and equipment.

Worldwide thousands of tanks with varying dimensions and purposes are cleaned daily with conventional equipment. That cleaning, often C.I.P (Cleaning In Place), is nowadays synonymous with using large amounts of water, chemicals and long circulation steps. This gives large amounts of waste water and energy consumption as well as large CIP storage tank.
Today the AlfajEt® tank cleaning robot technology offers the possibility for Cleaning in Place systems to use even better and more expensive products like foam, gel and enzymes and can been used for OPC (Open Plant Cleaning)! 



The AlfajEt® Tank cleaning robot is best used in very tough and problematic CIP (Cleaning In Place) situations in all kinds of industries like: 

- Hygiënic
- Biotechnology
- Pharmaceutical
- Brewing & Beverage
- Dairy
- Food
- Chemicals
- Coatings
- Transport industries
- Marine
- Offshore
- Pulp & Paper

Take a look in the project section for examples of R.CIP:

R-CIP CyberjEt

R-CIP a-jEt






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