Rotating sprayheads

Product Information


Rotary sprayheads use cleaning media to provide coverage and impact. With low flow and low pressure rotary sprayheads are effective alternatives for the common static sprayballs. 

The sprayheads can be selected with different spraying angles (90°, 180°, 270° up or down or 360°) depanding on the desires of the customer and come in different ranges (Working pressures of less than 0 up to 15 Barg and flows from 0,18 m3/h up to a massive 25 m3/h) .

The sprayheads are available in three connections:
- Thread
- Weld-on
- Clip- on

Effective cleaning ensures high productivity, but also helps maintaining the quality of your product, so please contact ContratEch now for the right solution for your CIP desires!



The product is used in: 
- Biotechnology
- Pharmaceutical
- Brewing & Beverage
- Dairy
- Food
- Chemicals
- Coatings
- Transport industries
- Marine
- Offshore
- Pulp & Paper





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