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Scandi-Brew, being a member of the international Micro Matic Group, is a Danish supplier famous for yeast handling and equipment for process tanks. Within this area they have specialised in sterilisable sampling equipment for the hygienic industries.

In all production it is important to be safe and to be able to trust the analyses made during the process. Without the confidence that the sample has been taken under sterile conditions, the results are of no value. Consequently, one of the most important elements is to trust the equipment which is used for sample taking.

For many years, Scandi-Brew has been working within the sampling area and has constantly been developing the products. Today, Scandi-Brew sampling equipment offers you reliable sampling from liquids under sterile conditions for either chemical or micro biological tests. 




For Hygienic Applications: 
•    Pharmaceutical
•    Biotech
•    Dairy & Liquid Food
•    Brewery / Beverage


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