Tumbler cleaning - A retractable cleaning system

Project: 30502.1429-492/456 The retractable cleaning system

ContratEch Cleaning Solutions recieved the request to develop a special system for a company in the chemical industry. The end user wanted to optimize the cleaning of their tumblers, which now took days to clean. In the old situation they needed to choose between entering the tumbler (which are dangerous working conditions) or “cook” the granulates out of the tumblers. The products that where used to ”cook” these products out of the tumblers where extremely toxic.

After the first tests with a standard medium driven tank cleaning machine a system had to be developed that would be payable, robust and compact. An extra quest was the impossibility of moving the tumblers.

The whole developed unit is retractable on a portable cart and is not longer than 1600mm! It is also possible to move this unit in the plant to move from tumbler to tumbler.

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